Little Difference

Little Difference has been developed by a couple who love to create and wanted to start a business with a 'Little Difference'. Sophie Stevens is a geology graduate and artist from the Isle of Wight, UK. Pete Oswald is a professional skier and media producer from New Zealand. Sophie does all the artwork and Pete handles most of the boring stuff (like accounts and marketing).

They like to travel all around the world; skiing, biking and making all sorts of fun adventures in beautiful places, see there instagram for awesome photos! They started this business doing what they love and to try and fund their adventures, they also hope the art makes people smile too!

After having so much fun in nature they appreciate the worlds natural beauty and all the amazing experiences it provides us all, so are doing their very best to run the business in the most Earth caring way possible. This is why they started the 1 Card. 1 Tree initiative where they pay for the planting and raising of one tree for every single card sold! They also only use 100% recycled paper products and 100% biodegradable packaging.

Mission Statements:

  1. Make the consumer and receiver happy and fulfilled with a uniquely designed product which signifies that they have made a “Little Difference” to the world.
  2. Make a net positive impact on the natural environment by regenerating the worlds forests with each unit sold.
  3. Sell a unique product to make profit with which we can live comfortably, fund our adventures and save for our future.