$9.50 NZD

Horopito ; Kawakawa are two New Zealand natives, which bring a little spice and heat to the bar. Horopito leaf and kawakawa berries bring spiced ginger, cardamom, allspice, a hint of nutmeg and honey, and a gentle peppery finish to the bar, which is made with 66% cocoa beans.

Normally Ocho chocolate has only two ingredients, roasted cocoa nibs and sugar, but there's an exception to every rule if the reason is good enough. Both horopito and kawakawa were used in traditional Maori medicine and continue to be used by natural health practitioners, so there may also be some health benefits to the bar, although these are as yet unknown. In particular, both plants are used for stomach pains and indigestion and as a blood circulation stimulant. (Formerly the Pepper ; Spice bar)