$95.00 NZD

I have a serious weak spot for hardcover books with beautiful photography. My iPad is fine for reading novels, but nothing beats sitting at your dining room table on a Sunday afternoon, drinking a cup of tea and flipping through the pages of a beautiful book. As an expat I try not to collect too many books or ‘stuff’ in general (yeah, good luck with that!), but once in a while I see a book that I just have to have. Here’s the latest addition to my collection: The Kinfolk Table; Recipes for small gatherings.


With 85 recipes you could qualify it as a cookbook, but it’s much more than that. In between the recipe pages you’ll find the stories of the home cooks behind these recipes (writers, chefs, bloggers and artists) in Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Portland and the English countryside. Together with the gorgeous portraits you get an idea of who they are (hello hipsters), how they live and what their relationship is with good food, home cooking and sharing meals with friends and family.


The recipes look great, but if I’m being honest I didn’t buy this book for the recipes. So I assume the same will happen as with all my other cookbooks: I intend to make everything, but I’ll end up trying only one or two recipes. But since this book is only ‘one-third cookbook’, there’s still two-third of stories and inspiring photos left that I’m sure I’m going to fully enjoy.


And luckily it doesn’t stop here. If you like their photography and style as much as I do, there’s also a Kinfolk magazine that comes out every quarter. A 144 pages, ad-free magazine about discovering new things to cook, make and do. I just got my first copy (issue 11) and I’m sure there will be more to follow. So much for my intention not to collect things…