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Stunning New Zealand Art

A stunning gift or piece of art for your own home

‘These cast glass, wall-mounted birds appear to move with the changing light creating enchanting silhouettes and shadows which mimic their flight path. In pairs they are engaging in that they appear to be in dialogue; in threes, fours and fives they appear to swoop and rise which lends them a rhythmical, almost musical quality. In ‘3s and 5’s particularly, they are reminiscent of the hugely popular row of ducks which graced the walls of the Colony’s homes during 1950s – though these feathered fellows are far more chic. In larger groups they are simply magical – they literally flock – one can almost hear the beat of their elegant wings.’


Luke Leaf was born on the west coast of New Zealand and at the age of 16 he did some work experience in a greenstone factory in Hokitika, the South Island’s hub for Pounamu.  His talent grew from there. 

Luke, now based in Queenstown, is a leading artist in contemporary Greenstone carving. His style is an amalgamation of traditional and modern design, finding inspiration from natural organic forms.

He gets all his greenstone from friends from the Ngai Tahu tribe, they’re the legal kaitiaki of New Zealand greenstone since 1997 and pretty much the only source for authentic Pounamu.

Lisa Nicole Moes is a freelance illustrator based in Wanaka, New Zealand. She has designed an extensive range of vintage looking New Zealand prints. Giclee prints on 310gsm German etching paper.  Fade resistant and archival quality.  Designed and made in NZ.
Laura Shallcrass is a mother, graphic designer and illustrator by day, artist by night. She has participated in a number of group shows as well as 3 solo exhibitions. A finalist for the Red Book Art Prize 2013 she is published in the Red Book, Stolen Publications Vol II and a number of other publications from New Zealand and Australia. Laura works out of her mezzanine studio in her little black house in Queenstown New Zealand.

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