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Simplify your life

The smallest changes can make the biggest differences in our day to day lives. Take a look at some of our most useful gadgets and gizmos to help bring some ease and organisation into your life. 

Get organised

 Elegantly store your keys into a silent stack. The Orbitkey Organiser holds between 2-7 keys in a slim and quiet profile. Turn your clunky mess into sleek sophistication and organisation. 


Travel light

 Less is more with the Bookaroo phone pocket. Like it or not, we take our phones everywhere! save the extra baggage and carry your essentials together with two slim pockets for your bank card and notes. 

Save the stress

 Never pay excess luggage again! Save yourself any extra pre-flight anxiety with this easy to use hand-held digital travel scale, latch on to your luggage to check the weight efficiently. 


Listen with ease

 Nothing more frustrating than head phone cords getting in the way! Moana Rd Nga Taringas 6.0 readily connect with bluetooth, the head phones have amazing sound with built-in noise cancelling technology, on top of that they are comfortable and have an excellent battery life.

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