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Plastic Free July / Living without plastic
Join us this July and commit to try avoid all disposable plastics! Stay tuned for tips on how to reduce your plastic consumption this July and moving forward. Be sure to visit us in store or online to check out our reusable, plastic free products 🌱♻️🌏
It would be difficult to get through your day without encountering plastic. It is in virtually everything we use- electronics, cars, furniture, building materials, clothes, shoes, medical equipment and kitchen appliances. It is also prevalent with single-use-packaging like water bottles and shopping bags that are used for only a short period of time and then discarded. While it is convenient and inexpensive, plastic does not biodegrade, so it accumulates in landfills and in our environment. The lovely tabletop book, Living without plastic, explores the most common plastic items we use on a daily basis in our homes and offices and on the go so you can identify where you use plastic most in your life and adopt simple solutions to reduce your usage.

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