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New Year, New You!
 1 week into the New Year, New years resolutions fallen by the wayside??
Its not too late!

Here at KAPA we have some clever accessories to help you stick to your new years resolutions 
Want to become fitter? Kinder? more mindful? These handy posters will help you do just that! 
Scratch your way to be a better version of YOU! 
  1 daily activity for 30 days to get your dream body.


Working out regularly and having a fit body is a very appealing idea. However, it is sometimes hard to start and be constant with sport. This 30 day fitness challenge is a very entertaining and an efficient way to get in shape in a month and gradually transform your body and feel better.

Pull the day-ticket and start the challenge!

1 daily activity for 30 days to include eco-friendly habits in your lifestyle.

Human progress and our daily behaviors are unfortunately harming the environment. There are still not enough people consciously preventing our negative impact on Earth. It is proven that with small individual actions we can drastically reduce global warming and leave a better planet to future generations. It is now time to act. This 30-day go-green challenge proposes great tips to stop adversely affecting our environment and to start to live an eco-friendly life. Pull the day-ticket and start the challenge!

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