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Meet the Artist / Laura Shallcrass

Laura Shallcrass is an award winning illustrator and author who creates artwork for publishing, packaging and web. She works in many mediums including gouache, oil, graphite and digital media. 

Laura’s passion is to create artworks which celebrate natures beauty, with the aim of emphasising our duty as caretakers of the natural world. Thematically her personal work has recently focused on mental health, preservation of the environment and female power. Her storytelling uses a quiet poetry which leaves the reader to discern their own meanings based on their unique perspectives, with multiple visual narratives and hidden details a signature of her work. 

Laura works from her home in the hills near Queenstown New Zealand where she lives with her husband, two kids and an ever growing menagerie of furry friends. 


Laura's latest picture book is coming in November 2021, What colour is the sky is a story for anyone who wonders how someone else might see the world. "Hare knows the sky is blue. So when others disagree things start to get confusing, and Hare and Pihoihoi have a mystery to solve. 

Laura will be launching her new book this November the 13th at the Sherwood, Queenstown. The book launch and talk is aimed at adults interested in illustrating, writing and publishing children's books.  Interested? 

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