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Exciting New Baby products in store!
We have an exciting new product in store this week!!
My Family Book 

Why is black and white great for babies and toddlers?

Until 6-9 months of age babies see in high-contrast black and white as their retina develops. Exposing baby to bold monochrome and geometric designs like all our products during the first year of baby's life:

  1. - nurtures and accelerates visual development;
  2. - stimulates and encourages brain cell growth and connections between the left & right side of the brain;
  3. - promotes physical development (like kicking, reaching, rolling, grasping);
  4. - increases concentration skills; and
  5. - enhances and fosters curiosity, creativity and confidence.

Black and white is also a calming and focusing resource for essential learning throughout the toddler and pre-school years of brain development.


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